About the Founder Director

Richard Wallace, fondly known as Richie by the veterans of the Industry, is highly proficient and the Pioneer to amalgamate Films and Travel & Tourism Industry in the most inimitable way.

Richie started his career in the Travel Industry in 1997, and is being recognized amongst the highly competent and experienced band of the industry. He believes that traveling makes you speechless initially and then turns you into a story teller...

From giving un-matched professional experiences to the Business Groups, to un-forgettable excursions of private travelers, to providing some of the un-touched shooting locations to the top film producers and directors of the Indian Film Industry, Richie knows how to turn a traveler’s imaginings into perceptibility!

The very fact that you may forget the amounts spent in collecting tangible goods, but you always remember as well as cherish every travelling experience that only make you wiser as well as wealthier, also defines Richie’s objective for his Clients – You dream a destination, we make it your reality….!

With this simple yet very fascinating motto, Amala Locations looks forward to fulfill your professional, personal or social travel needs in the most cost-effective, adept and magical way!

Welcome to Amala Locations Pvt. Ltd.!
We take you where you ought-to be….!!!

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