About the Founder Director

Richard Wallace, fondly known as Richie by the veterans of the Industry, is highly proficient and the pioneer who has uniquely amalgamated films with the travel and tourism industry in India.

Richie started his career in the Travel Industry in 1997, and is now recognized among the highly competent and experienced band of the industry. With the core belief that traveling makes you speechless initially and then turns you into a story teller, he delivers on his beliefs, i.e., helping create stories through films around the world.

He launched his own company, Amala Locations Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2016 with the ambition of making it the most sought-after organization by renowned film producers for international locations, and he has done precisely that! In just 3 years, Amala Locations has 9 successfully completed film projects shot in 5 different countries.

On the MICE, Corporate and tourism front, from giving unmatched professional experiences to the Business Groups, to unforgettable excursions of private travelers, to providing some of the untouched shooting locations to the top film producers and directors of the Indian Film Industry, Richie knows how to turn a traveler’s imagination into reality!

Prior to starting his own venture, Richie worked with a wide range of companies handling a variety of tasks within the frame of the tourism industry. From an early beginning at Watson International and LTC Travels to Amadeus and then working with a pioneering visa centre for a European country, Richie started working in leadership roles at a very age. He headed the MICE teams at Extra Mile and Planit! before joining the SKH Travel group as Assistant General Manager.

His own company, Amala Locations has offices in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Canada, Dubai and Norway. Coming from a prestigious family working in the film industry in Hyderabad for the last 40 plus years, Richie has carved a niche for himself with honesty and professionalism.

The very fact that you may forget the amounts spent in collecting tangible goods, but you always remember as well as cherish every travelling experience that only make you wiser as well as wealthier, also defines Richie’s objective for his Clients – You dream a destination, we make it your reality….!

With this simple yet very fascinating motto, Amala Locations fulfills professional, personal or social travel needs in the most cost-effective, adept and magical of ways!

The Company:

Amala Locations had its modest beginning on 28 February 2016 and soon grew into Amala Locations Private Limited, creating a niche for itself in the film and tourism market. The company is already 9 films and several tours old, and continues to expand into newer countries and crews. Below is the first logo of the company, which will stay dear to us, reminding us of our roots that gave us the strength to fly.

Welcome to Amala Locations Pvt. Ltd.!
We take you where you ought-to be….!!!

Phone: +91 9971155401, +91 9810027203
Email: richard@amalalocations.com