I have known Richie for many years now. At a very young age, he has built a reputation of trust and honesty in the Telugu film industry, which is a very important pre-requisite for being a part of the film family. He and his company deliver on their promises without fail.

Sravanthi Ravi Kishore,
Producer, Sravanthi Movies

We had a dream ride on the Atlantic road in Norway thanks to the smooth organization of this company. Right from the day we landed in Norway, Richie ensured that all arrangements were done to perfection

Anish Tejeshwar,
Actor, Akira

As a producer, our basic expectation from the locations coordinator is that he understands our needs, and Amala locations does that very well. They understand that the producer’s money is rolling and therefore give us the right advice at the right time so we can get the best of locations in the best value for money.

Chethan Kumar,
Producer, Akira, S2 Entertainment

As an actress, you want to be immortalized for your depiction in a role. When a perfect location is added to that work, then it gets bigger and better. I found myself at such locations in Sweden and Norway through Richie. All I can say is, keep up the good work!

Rashi Khanna,
Actress, Shivam

As the director of photography, I cannot work well if I am not at the right location at the right time. That is precisely what Richard gave me. Perfect locations to explore my creativity and artistic abilities and that led me to create some wonderful captures for the silver screen. It is commendable the vision with which Richie works at such a young age.

Rasool Ellore,
Director of Photography